Guidelines to Authors

Manuscript File format:  MS-Word file, written in English.

Font type: Times New Roman; Font size: Font size should be 12; Font color: Black

All headings and side-headings should be made Bold.

Line spacing: Text should be double-line spaced.

Abbreviations: Define abbreviations upon first appearance in the text.  Keep abbreviations to a minimum.

Figures: Figures should be provided as separate files in JPEG format.



  1. Long title: Maximum of 250 characters.
  2. Short title: Maximum of 60 characters.
  3. Authors and Affiliations:

Authors’ names should be listed serially, and ‘Affiliation’ should follow author’s name.

Author names should be mentioned in the following way:

First name (given name), Middle name, Last name (surname).

Affiliation will include: name of the department, university / organization, and location mentioning city, state, and country.

Submitting author will be the corresponding author, and will be the primary contact for subsequent communications.


Abstract length can be a maximum of 300 words.

Key words: Mention key words of your work following the abstract.


Main text can be prepared under the following side-headings/sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Materials and Methods
  3. Results
  4. Discussion and or Conclusion

 Length of the main text can be up to 5000 words, including section 1 (introduction) to section 4 (Discussion and Conclusion).

Tables and figures

Tables:  Tables should be cited in curved-braces in the main text, example: (table1). Tables should appear near around their citation.

Figures: Figures should be cited in curved-braces in the main text, example: (Figure 1)Provide figures as separate files in JPEG format.  Figure legends should be provided after section 4: Discussion and or conclusion section.

REFERENCES: References in reference section should be written with serial numbers, as they are cited in the main text.  Citation of any reference in the main text should appear as super-script of its serial number. Cite latest references as far as possible.

Reference styles

Referencing an article published in print form

Names of the authors.  Title of the article.  Name of the journal, year of publication. Volume (issue): page numbers From-To.

In case of more than three authors, names of first three authors should be mentioned, followed by et. al.

 Referencing an article published online

Names of the authors. Title of the article.  Name of the journal, year of publication, Volume (issue): Article number,  DOI number

Example of a refernce is as follows

Zou S, Tong Q, Liu B, Huang W, Tian Y, Fu X. Targeting STAT3 in Cancer Immunotherapy. Mol Cancer. 2020 Sep 24;19(1):145. doi: 10.1186/s12943-020-01258-7. PMID: 32972405; PMCID: PMC7513516.

Referencing a chapter in a book

Names of authors of the chapter. Title of the chapter. Title of the book, Name of the Editor, Name of the publication, Year of publication, page numbers From-To.

Manuscript file ready for submission, should be uploaded at “Submit Manuscript”.