ABSTRACT: The In the Novel “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho we find the main character Santiago leaves his home Andalusia in search of a treasure. The King of Salem encourages him to find the treasure in Egypt. He learns to read the omens by Urim and Thummim. He understands that there is a language of the Universe without words and all things are one. During his treasure hunt he understands the world has a Soul of its own. The boy constantly endeavors to find meaning to the signs of the universe. The guidance given by the Alchemist helps him to listen to his own heart. The Alchemist character says “everything has a Soul” – including the inanimate objects like rocks and water. The boy constantly endeavors to find meaning to the signs sent by nature.
I seek to interpret the concept of the Guru (who is Omnipresent) as proposed by Indian thought and philosophy in the boy’s search for the ‘soul of the world’. Guru Dattatreya in Avadhuta Gita Says the Pancha Bhootas are his Guru. The beings created in this universe have taught him the presence of the all pervading God and his oneness. I seek to find answers for The Principle of favorability as proposed by the Alchemist, the interpretation of omens, listening to the heart, contemplation to seek the truth. The boy realizes that “life is generous to those who pursue their destiny”.
KEYWORDS : Guru, Soul, Omnipresence, omens, signs of the universe, language of signs.

Author and Affiliation: Uma Devi Nandan, Keshav Memorial Institute of Commerce and Sciences, Hyderabad – 500029